This Blog Works on the iPhone again

I had a plugin that rendered this blog blank on the iphone. Switched to

WordPress PDA & iPhone 1.2.8

This plugin helps the users to view your blog in a pda and iPhone browser. By Imthiaz Rafiq.

& it works well.

The iPhone works OK with the WordPress default theme – no plugin – as well, but with this is marginally more usable.


Not so fast! The link directly to a post on Twitter leads to a poor rendition. You have to go directly to for the plugin to take effect!

There must be a better way!

iPhone Copy & Paste

If this is true it will make a big difference to my use of the phone.

  • Posting to blogs from iPhone
  • tweeting
  • Writing notes on tasks
  • Entering passwords, email address etc
  • I managed without, but only because many things work so well.

Last night I attended the Live Diggnation event in Austin, Texas at SXSW, where Kevin Rose confirmed through his sources that iPhone 3.0 would have Copy and Paste.

He said it worked like this… you would press and hold a word and a Magnifier type bubble would appear with quotes around the word. Move the quotes around what you want selected and then you can press Copy.

iPhone sketches

I am enjoying the touch screen to make sketches. Here are a few, already uploaded to flickr. One thing about these small screens they are touch enabled! They can do stuff the PC can\’t do so well unless you have a tablet PC. I have tried three apps so far & they are each delightful in their own way! Having used different apps (!) on my tablet it is amazing how different tools warm me up to different things.Free app: DoodleIt

\"DoodleIt\"\n\n\"DoodleIt\"\n\niGraffitti\n\nHas an interesting shadow feature. Also has a website they can go to\n\n\"photo.jpg\"\n\n\"I\'ve\"\n\n\nNetsketch \nThis one is vector based and so it is easy to scale! Have never mastered this on the PC. Also has a website gallery:\n\n\n\"Netsketch\"\n\n\nThere is an art pool on flicker for iPhone sketches\n\n\n\n