iPhone sketches

I am enjoying the touch screen to make sketches. Here are a few, already uploaded to flickr. One thing about these small screens they are touch enabled! They can do stuff the PC can\’t do so well unless you have a tablet PC. I have tried three apps so far & they are each delightful in their own way! Having used different apps (!) on my tablet it is amazing how different tools warm me up to different things.Free app: DoodleIt

\"DoodleIt\"\n\n\"DoodleIt\"\n\niGraffitti\n\nHas an interesting shadow feature. Also has a website they can go to\n\n\"photo.jpg\"\n\n\"I\'ve\"\n\n\nNetsketch \nThis one is vector based and so it is easy to scale! Have never mastered this on the PC. Also has a website gallery: my.netsketchapp.com\n\n\n\"Netsketch\"\n\n\nThere is an art pool on flicker for iPhone sketches\n\n\n\n

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