Greetings to all Save the Mokihinui supporteMokihinui

I just got this email from Debs Martin.

This is a cause worth getting in behind!!


Greetings to all Save the Mokihinui supporters

(and apologies if you receive this email more than once),

Thanks for your efforts over the past few weeks to pass on the message to Meridian that damming the Mokihinui is unacceptable.  Over 2600 emails have been sent and numbers are still rising.  March 31st is the last date for sending an ecard – so let your family and friends know!

How else can you help us win the battle?
To assist with the Environment Court case, we have
just launched our Save the Mokihinui shareholding

You can purchase one of 140 limited  edition shareholding
certificates (featured left) of $100 each – securing your
part in the battle to save the Mokihinui River.


Beautifully illustrated, the certificate encapsulates all that is valuable in the Mokihinui – from its enigmatic great spotted kiwi to its  earthquake-shattered limestone gorges.

We hope this certificate will be an important piece of Mokihinui memorabilia in years to come as a reminder of battles won!

To buy your certificate and virtual plot click  here.

Warm regards,
Debs Martin
Regional Field Officer
Top of the South
Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of NZ Inc


Librivox: The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Brothers Karamazov is now in an audiobook! This mammoth task has been completed, thanks many readers and Rainer.

I read this book in 1967, at the Cragieburn ski-field where I was a custodian. I was upstairs in the sleeping loft of the ski hut, and often there would be a loud party downstairs. I’d read it by candle light or with a torch. I made notes! I may still have them. It was part of a few years of delightful self education, prior to going to the University of Canterbury, which by comparison was like a padded cell of the mind, though I have no regrets. I am looking forward to hearing the book read to me.

Click for larger image.

I have converted the mp3 for the first book into iPod Audiobook format (keeps track of where you are up to). Book 1 m4b Audiobook format

Links follow to the download page, Librivox, notes on a stage production where I found the image, and Wikipedia – where there is an excellent summary of the characters & their various names!

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Withdraw all troops from Afghanistan


This statement from Peace Action Wellington is worth supporting. Even now. They are saying they’ll be there for 5 years. Out now, IMO! Peace Action Wellington are asking for an email so you can be added to the list. I’ve just sent one.


STATEMENT: Hands off Afghanistan! Say no to SAS return to Afghanistan

We are encouraging organisations, grassroots community groups and individuals to sign on to our anti-war statement below. If you would like to add your name, simply email us at

Full statement from their website follows:
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Real Estate developoments! Moves.

We are in the process of getting a new venue for the Horse Riding. We have a plan of moving ro a beautiful little valley site about 10 K past Tai Tapu – near the Blue Duck Café – (was Black Tulip)

To make all this happen we are selling two properties in Christchurch.

A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Apartment in Hagley Avenue its on Trade Me looks good.

We also have one in Nicholls Street in Shirley. It is for sale and for rent! Trade Me CRT

Kate and I have been working hard, to make sure we are doing the right thing. And yes, Parkhill will be a great place for us. I’ll post some picks up of this romantic new place!

The places we are selling have absorbed a lot of our time & energy they look good! They are priced very realistically, to suit this market.