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Psybernet Glossary: Psyberspace

Psybernet Glossary: Psyberspace.

I found my own writing on the Web archive from 1997

I wonder what else lurks there! I’m rescuing it.


Psybernet Glossary of Key Ideas : Psyberspace

Cyberspace seen through a soul perspective.

The soul, or psyche requires a medium. Without medium the soul is nonexistent. The psychodrama stage, the psychotherapeutic hour, the poem, and so on are psyber-media. Cyberspace is the ultimate medium for the soul, the realm where the gods live. Without adequate media for soul the gods are dead, there is no numinosity. The soul is evolving in cyberspace. Viewed in this way psyberspace is not a bad name for it.
That the soul is eternal, outside space and time, makes sense when viewed as a manifestation through this media. The power of the psyche is also manifest, in that media transforms the world. The invention of the printing press unconsciously transforming the world into its image, conveyor belts, moveable type pre-cursing all manufacturing and assembly of pars. Visualise the effect of the invention of paper, drawing boards etc. on the shape of buildings. The electronic manifestation of soul is right now soaking its influence into the world, restructuring organizations, theories of personal development, publishing, money, into a form analogous to its its digitally mediated life.


What is this blog about? It might be all over the place but this picture shows how my filter works.

At the heart is a patch where there is a psychological, or soulful aesthetic, cyberspace phenomena that makes the world a better place.

Fractal Freud

Found this image while looking for Compressionism. Which is a whole ism about what Stanislav Groff called Systems of Condensed experience. I see it as something Freud named as transference – carry-over. Fractals, a pattern in one time and place resonates with a pattern in another. OK, a very brief post – a big idea.

Linux & community

The Community of Linux

“Anyway, I wanted to come back to the idea of Linux. It is a careful phrase, ‘the idea of Linux’. It occurred to me this morning, as I was reading the technology news and reflecting on the tasks of the day, (I’m not exactly sure how, but that is an interesting side question) that Linux and the whole Open Source movement isn’t about the software. It is about community. The Community of Linux.”

This is from Aldon Hynes a regular on Psyber-L. I am looking forward to discussion on this whole topic. The idea of Linux to me is central to the psyche in cyberspace. Community is one reason for that, to be sure.