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C.G. Jung and the Red Book

C. G. Jung and the Red BookLectures presented by Dr. Lance S. Owens

via C.G. Jung and the Red Book.

I’ve downloaded a couple of the Audio… could be interesting.

It is book worth owning, but big to ship!


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Red Book video … and the book.

From Amazon: The Red Book The Red Book, where it gets good revies for content and presentation.

More about the Red Book – I have been following this a bit, so see “related posts”, and the tags.

Got this Video from Asheville Jung Center

I’d be interested in the seminar by Murry Stein, but I’ll be at a conference. Hope someone can record it!

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David Byrne – Red Book Dialogue

I enjoyed this, like being in on a psychotherapy session – well conducted by Sherry Salman.

Talking Head: David Byrne Discusses Art and Inspiration at the Rubin Museum – WNYC Culture:


Byrne – Salman – Red Book

Saved the same audio here:


Talking Head: David Byrne Discusses Art and Inspiration at the Rubin Museum Wednesday, December 30, 2009

David Byrne looked like a large awkward bird that had been shaken from its nest when he arrived at the Rubin Museum to take part in the “Red Book Dialogues.” That might have had something to do with the audience that packed the room to see him undergo public psychoanalysis with the Jungian analyst assigned to gently coax him into revealing his unconscious.

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The Red Book Dialogues.


Previous posts link to Alice Walker and Charlie Kaufman in this series. I have yet to listen, but it sounds good!  I’d love for our local NZAP group do make some of these types of audio! The images a cool too.  Sample above.

Rubin Museum of Art:The Red Book of C. G. Jung Programs

Quote follows.