Therapy – can you trust it?

Online psychotherapy works. Sessions conducted between patient and therapist via the internet can be just as effective as face-to-face treatment. But it’s not for everyone and,
because there’s lots of money to be made, it’s difficult to be sure about the quality of what’s being offered.

Its not the money really, it is the fact that the net is unregulated. There is no clear jurisdiction. However the problem is almost the same off-line. There are all sorts of healers who do not fall under any professional body. It is a case of buyer be ware.

The problem is that even registrations do no not really ensure just how good the therapy will be.

Seven tips for choosing or sticking with a therapist

  1. Check out any therapist online. Google them.
  2. Check an online therapists claims by contacting their professional body.
  3. Talk about your therapy with others. (Don’t trust a therapist wo suggests you do not talk about it with others)
  4. Have a session with another therapist if you have doubts about your current therapist.
  5. Trust your instinct.
  6. Be wary of “special relationships” where usual boundaries don’t count.
  7. Be alert about any therapist who focuses on their own story or their own needs.