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Peter McLevey

Saw the video today: The Man in the Hat. I loved it. Made the image with a snap from the TV screen. I think I like it because I have been to his gallery a few times. I’ve met Peter. I would love him to sell my prints!

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Manufacturing Depression

Democracy Now! 1 March 2010

There are several stories in this hour long program, one about earthquakes, one about race in a Californian university, and one about depression. The last one tells me what I know as a psychotherapy to be true. Not that antidepressants don’t always work, but that why they work is a big muddle, it could be the placebo effect or just time. And the price for this dubious result is to pathologise millions of people, to get them thinking about the psyche in a medical & unhelpful way.

All for huge profit.

The DSM 5 is a scandal and will make the problem worse!

All part of a 150 year trend… that bit was new to me.

Video of the Depression story on Democracy Now

Every health professional should watch this video, listen to this last story in this episode of Democracy Now, or read the book by Gary Greenberg, Amazon:

Manufacturing Depression: The Secret History of a Modern Disease

Manufacturing Depression?:

The primary point that Greenberg expressed in the interview is that we are taking a normal human experience and turning it into a disease. He makes it clear that he has no problem with relieving the suffering of depression with drugs, but he questions whether we have turned normal blue moods into a disease in order to justify medicating away sadness.

A satisfying read online is where Greenberg is interviewed on the Well. Quote follows.

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Red Book video … and the book.

From Amazon: The Red Book The Red Book, where it gets good revies for content and presentation.

More about the Red Book – I have been following this a bit, so see “related posts”, and the tags.

Got this Video from Asheville Jung Center

I’d be interested in the seminar by Murry Stein, but I’ll be at a conference. Hope someone can record it!

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Flax – Video

Maybe the Gallery (flash) won’t work on the iPhone, but YouTube will! I have added the video to the Gallery as well.

To see all my videos, (not that many) go to this page on YouTube. I think this will work as an RSS feed for Google Reader There will be more, I want more in the Gallery.