MeansBusiness: Concept Book Summary Preview

Managing Technological Change

A book by Tony Bates? What is this site? I have just joined…

I figured it out. I can get a summary of the book online for $9 – or buy it at amazon for $34.95 plus postage. Could be worth it. There is some value added in having a summary! The summary of the summary is free and may have the most value of all! – Indeed there is some good stuff here:

Central Technology Support Units for Universities
“The use of information technologies needs to be coordinated, and policy and investment needs to be planned at the most senior institutional management level.”
Strategic Visioning of Technology-Based Teaching
“The development of a detailed and clear vision for teaching and learning is essential.”
Visioning Technology-Based Teaching at the Department Level
“Although visioning can take place at various levels in the organization, the best place to start is at the department teaching level.”
Planning for Technology-Based Teaching at the Institutional Level
“A plan will only be as good as the vision that drives it.”
Classroom vs. Technology-Based Teaching
“Good technology does not save bad teaching.”

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