Two recent developments are of special interest. Blogger (www.blogger.com), perhaps the premiere weblog developer, has teamed up with Moreover.com to facilitate the linking and annotation of mainstream news articles. Called NewsBlogger (www.newsblogger.com), it’s a potent form of online journalism that will serve to define and delimit new market segments. Also, Cisco just implemented Blogger enterprise-wide. Imagine the avalanche of intellectual capital such a move could precipitate. The Internet has always demanded that business read between the lines. Weblogs raise the bar. Now the challenge is to read between the sites.

Christopher Locke is the co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, a New York Times bestseller. Check out the weblogs of his creation at personalization.com (www.personalization.com/blogger) and The EGR weblog (rated R at best) (www.rageboy.com/blogger.html).

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