Mind-Body Dualism and the Biopsychosocial Model of Pain: What Did Descartes Really Say?

Found this using Searchlite (see next item, above).

More on Psyche and Libraries

Been thinking about what I wrote about Amazon being Alexandria. It is not quite right, the whole Net is the new Alexandria. And I doubt the future is corporate. XML plus peer-to-peer sharing means literature and texts of all kinds will be “free” like music is now. However *right now*, and that is all there is, there is nothing like Amazon, and it may be like that for a while yet.

Memory is something of a seat of the soul, and computer memory is in the same class. All of our written words our *written traditions* are what the Maori call whakapapa. Our ancestors and their stories have a spititual quality – in a library these spirits are all around us – the library is a sacred place.

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