Web.Studies, first chapter, by David Gauntlett

4. A Home on the Web: Presentations of Self on Personal Homepages
Charles Cheung
5. I-love-Xena.com: Creating On-line Fan Communities
Kirsten Pullen
6. Artists’ Websites: Declarations of Identity and Presentations of Self
Eva Pariser
7. Webcam Women: Life on Your Screen
Donald Snyder
8. Queer ‘n’ Asian on – and off – the Net: The Role of Cyberspace in Queer Taiwan and Korea
Chris Berry and Fran Martin
9. The Web goes to the pictures
David Gauntlett
10. The Teacher Review debate
-Teacher Review: Just what the internet was made for
Ryan Lathouwers and Amy Happ
-Teacher Review: The Dark Side of the Internet
Daniel Curzon-Brown”

The first chapter and probably the whole book broad overview saying what we already know. Yet these basic things do need to be said and said well, this book may do that. The section & headings quoted above may be useful to generate some playful surfing. What is the *Dark Side of the Internet*, porn? this is the obvious answer but that to me is the dark side on the Internet, what is the dark side *of* it? I’ll see what there is on Daniel Curzon-Brown.

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