The Austin Chronicle Screens: Information Wants to Be Worthless

“Net types like to catfight about whether blogging is the Way Forward or utter self-indulgence. Since it is almost certainly both at once, blogging is quite the hot topic. So there will be some bloggery debate, with scowling, and finger-wagging, and pepper-gassing. Yes, blogging has its limitations. There isn’t much in the way of original content, for instance. Weblogging consists mostly of logging one’s websurfing activities, then making sardonic comments about whatever you see. An activity one’s admirers find hilarious. Yet admirers rarely pay for this. Except in their admiration.”

Little reflexive note here from Bruce Stirling whose article here is quite fun but what’s his point? That its hard to make money out there when information wants to be free? How is that for a sardonic remark.

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