Microsoft Has Shelved Its Internet ‘Persona’ Service
NY Times egistration req.

Posting something likes this here makes me think: How is this part of exploring Psyberspace?

Freud had the triad of Id, Ego and Superego. Jung also defined/discovered contours of the psyche, the collective unconscious, Self, Shadow, Anima and Animus and of course Persona.

Just the connection with Jung’s Persona means the item is of interest. But it goes deeper than that. Just as Persona is a way of describing the structure of the soul or at leasts its contours, .NET fits in somewhere as part of one of the the contours of psyberspace, which have not as far as I know been clearly named/discovered/created.

The passport, virtual ID bots (like Persona) or whatever, present interesting questions: Who owns them and manages them? What will my persistent virtual ID contain – what happens when you finger me? How can that be done? How should it be done on the net? How does my virtual ID relate to me? Is a home page a virtual ID?

And then I think: How does my persona relate to the real me?

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