Small Players Matter

While large players and big media companies act like they are the main reason for the web and Internet and therefore should drive policy decisions, in actuality they are just “the biggest of the many small players” that make up the Internet. In fact, the controlling “stay within us” mentality some of them have is actually counter to the needs of the Internet for growth. The numbers show that the contributions of the myriad of small players — individuals, non-profits, and small businesses — are crucial to the vitality of the web and its value to people.

This one was in the top 40! Great to see it and also that people appreciate such clear simple commonsense analysis backed up with data.

The fact that I found it and am linking to it proves his point. Here is a moment where a country inn rises above the Hilton.

Could the big pipes however control the net?

Another thought, if we judged an individual by their job religion, race or gender we might get some idea of who they ware but it is the fine mesh in between these big trends that really matters.

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