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Dan has a lot to say about David Weinberger’s book, and has some good quotes:

This is the Web’s nature, for everything on it was put there by a human being for a reason. In building a site, we are saying that we find this topic interesting and we think others will also. Sites that work make manifest their passion. So, of course the Web inevitably is a plenum of places that have meaning and matter at least to someone.

David Weinberger

Having found Dan’s site earlier today, I find he has a lot of good stuff there. Added him to my list of blogs (should appear soon on the left.) His series of Writings are insightful and pleasant to read.

The quote above is from David Weinberger’s new book, “Small Pieces Loosely Joined”. Here is the book’s site, has chapters online.

The quote makes me realise how the web is as I have often said, a mirror – but it is one selected and filtered by people and what they find meaningful. Obvious, but it is one way that the world is different from the virtual world “everything on it was put there by a human being for a reason”. The link to the book is great to have… more on that to come.

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