A Linux user goes back

The article is worth reading. Here is an email I sent to Tony in response:

Hi Tony,

Your item makes good sense to me, as I am back here in XP
*unable* to do what I want in GNU/Linux.

One thing you do not mention that will take me back as soon as I
am able... the *values* implicit in the GPL.

Human knowledge is built on the shoulders of those before us for
a long time, that tradition is under severe threat, and the GPL
is one of the more hopeful phenomena of this era.

I like it when RMS says thing like "I don't care!" to many of
your valid points. Freedom is more important, the freedom to
build knowledge for the use of us all.

I will pop this on my weblog, and if in the millions of emails
you will get, you manage to respond to this in some way, I will
link to that too.



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