Cadmus the Phoenician

sketchPhoenicia, Phoenicians: Cadmus the Phoenician – Another telling of the myth.

Unfortunately, now Cadmus had no men. He looked to the gods and since he had sacrificed the cow, Athena answered his plea. “Don’t worry,” said the goddess. “Just plow a field and sow the dragon’s teeth in the furrows.” Cadmus followed Athena’s strange advice and as soon as the teeth were sown, fully grown warriors sprang up. They all ran at Cadmus and again he feared for his life, but again Athena stepped in. “Throw a rock among them!” she told Cadmus. Again, Cadmus did as the goddess said, and at once the warriors fought each other fiercely, accusing their neighbor of being the thrower of the rock. In the end, only five remained living, and those were wounded badly. Cadmus nursed them back to health and they helped Cadmus establish the city of Thebes.

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