Dreams and God

Dreams and God

Why are dreams neglected in institutionally based religion? In what ways can a dream claim to be sacred? How does the “dream” imago Dei correspond with that of theology? Does a preconceived belief system interfere with the psychological interpretation of a dream? These were some of the issues addressed in this very interesting dialogue.

Dr. Gerard Condon is the Spiritual Director at the Pontifical Irish College in Rome, Italy and a regular visitor to the Kristine Mann Library. He recently defended his doctoral thesis at the Gregorian University – the largest theologate in Rome. Entitled Christian Spiritual Dimensions of the Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung with Special Reference to his Use of Dreams, the thesis engages Jungian oneirology (dream theory) and Catholic theology in an Auseinandersetzung (confrontational dialogue) on divine revelation.

Dr. Harry Fogarty is a Jungian analyst, faculty member and supervisor at the C. G. Jung Institute of New York. He is also a Lecturer in Psychiatry and Religion at Union Theological Seminary and a former Trustee of The Kristine Mann Library.

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