Information fights to be free

Browsing this thoughtful, analytical site: zeligConf I found and liked this item from Aris Papath√©odorou — Networks for technical/scientific knowledge exchange:

In concrete terms, this means that the productive cooperation practices, well tried in software, can and must be extended to other cognitive fields, and to other social subjects. Beyond the slogan, it is about inventing now social and material structures making possible an effective circulation of technical knowledge, of peculiar uses and practical innovations. It is about creating structures of public access to skills involved in a full use of the potentialities of free software and Internet, to give every user the possibility to access the “source code” of communication’s technosciences.

That this should be under threat, that it has become an issue to fight for is so sad. So much good will! So much knowledge and it is somehow being well repressed, almost without our realising it. We are creeping toward the world described in Richard Stallman’s short story: The Right to Read. (link to the Google cached version as I could not get to the GNU site’s version.)

I linked to this site ages ago too.

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