Hollywood and Baudrillard

The Matrix and Baudrillard’s Concept of Simulation

Evil Demons, Saviors, and Simulacra in The Matrix

by Doug Mann & Heidi Hochenedel. This essay is well done. Looks at the themes as three distinct entities: Christian, Descartian, and Baudrillardian. Convincing, apart from its conclusion, which may be because of the bankruptsy of The Matrix themes themselves, after all the movie is itself part of the hyperreal Hollywood machine. Or it may be that they have some strange pomo ideology?

I went to the hyper website and used copy, paste-into-editor, print, to get an accademic looking paper from the unreadable mess (including irritating sound!) on the screen. This process was like returning to a welcome desert of the real – I like it better in black and white.

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