The net is tuning in to me!

This will be the last time I say stumbleupon found this for me. But it did. This is not after hundreds of results. I have listed all my results here bar one or two, hiking and another on Stevie Wonder. They were OK for me but not this weblog. I love this one from Marvin Minsky Because it is from 1982, because it is part of the history of psyberspace, because it is in text and because it is a little self-reflective right now. Here, after the title stuff is the final paragraph of the essay.


Marvin Minsky, MIT

First published in AI Magazine, vol. 3 no. 4, Fall 1982. Reprinted in
Technology Review, Nov/Dec 1983, and in The Computer Culture,
(Donnelly, Ed.) Associated Univ. Presses, Cranbury NJ, 1985

Just as Evolution changed man's view of Life, Al will change mind's view
of Mind. As we find more ways to make machines behave more sensibly,
we'll also learn more about our mental processes. In its course, we will
find new ways to think about "thinking" and about "feeling". Our view of
them will change from opaque mysteries to complex yet still
comprehensible webs of ways to represent and use ideas. Then those
ideas, in turn, will lead to new machines, and those, in turn, will give us
new ideas. No one can tell where that will lead and only one thing's sure
right now: there's something wrong with any claim to know, today, of
any basic differences between the minds of men and those of possible

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