Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh

The news of the death of Yousuf Karsh led me to the amazing Google Image search led to Peter Fetterman Gallery : Yousuf Karsh where the images here, just a sample, come from. They are for sale for thousands of dollars. Wonderful to see them here on the Net. Here is a quote from IHT:

Working with a large-format view camera and a battery of artificial lights (he was said to carry 350 pounds – nearly 160 kilograms – of equipment on his trips abroad) he aimed, in his own words, “to stir the emotions of the viewer” and to “lay bare the soul” of his sitter. (NYT)

SHS ArtWeb: Photography – Yousuf Karsh – Nice selection with links to big images.
Yousuf Karsh on the Internet


Pablo Picasso

Karsh - Winston Churchill

Albert Einstien

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