A Patron Saint for the Internet


ROME — The Archangel Gabriel is one of Christianity’s great communicators — it was he who brought word to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, the Bible says. So it was only natural that when a search began for a patron saint for the Internet, Gabriel’s name arose.

According to a poll being conducted by a Roman Catholic organization in northern Italy, he is now in sixth place behind a 20th century martyr, an educator and a publisher born in the 19th century, an 18th century evangelizer and a 13th century nun who saw visions projected on a wall.

The web site, www.santiebeati.it, is soliciting votes with the aim of having an Internet patron saint named by Easter. “We had lots of requests for a patron, so we decided the Internet was the best tool for finding one,” said Roberto Diani, an Internet adviser for Italy’s Conference of Bishops. The official choice will be made by the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Cult and Discipline of Sacrament.

More here The Seattle Times: Web site searches for patron saint for Internet

This is not unlike looking for the archetypes of cybersapce and the discussions might well be useful!

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