There is a great little – http://home.netvigator.com/%7Ekwongkf/4070pg01.htm – paper that proposes that the Net is not like other media which conform to McLuhan’s insight that media are an extension of the human senses. Rather the Internet is an extension of all other media. Just as our senses are re-shaped by the development of the ordinary media so media is re-shaped by the Net. Amputate is a word that McLuhan uses. Media amputates our senses the corollary is that the Net amputates media.

All this came beautifully to mind while listening to Frank Miller talk on public radio via the Net of course, about Daredevil, the comic he reinvented and which is now a movie and which no doubt I could download with Kazaa months before it arrives here in NZ.

There is a new development happening I think where artists, directors, producers etc. are not just cashing in on the new environment but using it creatively. Adaptation (the movie) explores this to some extent. AI had a Net event? Imagine a “happening” that was as much a book as a film as a web phenomena, not one adapting to the other, but an integrated whole.

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