I Like This!

Playing around – seeing how the ads work. Let me know what you think.

It is something to learn about! For all its commercialisation it
should send ads that are of interest. It could even do that so well
that people might like to come here for the ads. I doubt it. But RSS
could do that. I have been thinking that RSS is really a form of I
like this!
. (Our old idea from the ninties) So I am going the get it going, if only as a way of
creating TOPICS that I am envious of in Typepad etc.

Notice the thread here in the posts. Email is Dead, Topics, Spam… I
think I was wrong to say that the RSS alternative to email is not
likely to happen.

It happens like this:

  1. An XML marked up version is created out of my emails.
  2. This puts my emails in a big pile on my machine.
  3. Depending on certain tags, most of that pile goes online with
    super-secure protection.
  4. Weblogs are created from the pile using certain key words.
  5. Access is set up – for each weblog, anything from public, to
    family, to self-only.
  6. I allow you to add items to your Weblog using only those items with your
    name in the to line.
  7. That Weblog is your inbox and with the tags you can
    create sub-weblogs like folders in an email client.
  8. No spam!

Add a rating tag for I like this! we create taste-pools
with our taste-buddies.

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