Interview with Michael Meade

Mosaic Voices — Watering the Seeds of the Future A January, 2002 three part interview with Michael Meade by Earthlight magazine.
Micheal Mead

What happens if they’re not shown the recognition of that seed?

Now, we’re back to death. William Blake said that the garden of the soul is already planted and is waiting for the water of life. Call it the water of attention. There are innate ideas, dreams, stories, buried in people. When we don’t water those seeds, culture loses ideas. It loses imagination. It loses the capacity to dream itself forward. I mean that literally.

I have a tape by Micheal Mead – which I liked a lot!

This article appeals right now because of the “to dream itself forward” idea. I am interested. This is somewhat Chardinian, somehow there is a pull — see item below on afford. I am also interested because of story. What is the difference between travel and journey: story. How does this relate to “surfing” and the cyber part of cyberspace?

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