James Hillman Interview: “I’m Red!”


This is a 1996 or so interview, very interesting in 2003!

So I see much more — I mean this sounds ridiculous for a Jungian psychologist to be talking this way — but I see the way of looking at a lot that goes on today — it would be good to put back on a pair of Marxist glasses.

Another reason for this is the Marxist idea that capitalism can only survive by its last phases, which is through war material. Producing. Having wars and producing useless goods, which are not good for the people. That’s what we’re doing. The biggest part of the budget is still the defense budget. We’ve got no enemies anywhere. And it’s still space shots. The spin-off of the trickle-down from them is so remote, but it keeps all the constituencies voting, because they’ve got a little piece of the defense industry, everywhere in the country. Look at that through Marxist glasses.

This was all said fifty years ago, a hundred years ago, the way we are — the way the country is functioning was predictable according to Marx’s view of capitalism.

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