Jung, Jungians, and Psychoanalysis

Found this via the Jung Page website – who took me to: Matthew Clapp. The Nautis Project which concentrates on CG Jung, Henri Bergson, Rupert Sheldrake, and Joseph Campbell. : “Jung, Jungians, and Psychoanalysis” by Kenneth Eisold, PhD. Looks interesting and I have added it to my pile of printouts…

The break between Freud and Jung and the subsequent division between their followers has had profound and continuing consequences for both parties. The Jungians have continued an ambivalent relationship to psychoanalysis, with the effects of internal conflicts and institutional schisms. Mainstream psychoanalysis, for its part, has used Jung, the primary and still most prominent deviant, to inhibit developments in areas associated with his work. This article explores how the pressure to maintain solidarity and conformity in psychoanalysis has curtailed, in particular, thinking in 3 areas: symbolism, lifelong development, and paranormal experience. It concludes with observations about the opportunities and dangers associated with the move toward pluralism being considered in both camps.”

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