GM Resource This is the statement that appears with my listing in the GM directory. Here is the psychodrama statement in full:

Psychodrama is an active method that enlivens and promotes learning and health. It combines practice, enactment and role development. When used as psychotherapy the relationships and the individual’s way of being are immediately available. In community and organisational settings people can explore together relationships, social structures and challenges to anticipate, plan and co-produce effective courses of action.

Psychodrama includes all of the theories, action methods and techniques that derive from the work of Dr Jacob L Moreno (1889-1974). Training in these methods is achieved through an integration of theory and practice by a process of supervised experiential learning.

Those who complete this training will have been assessed and certificated by The Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association as either a role trainer, sociometrist, sociodramatist or psychodramatist.

The role trainer focuses on the development of specific aspects of the functioning of another person. A role trainer is experienced in role analysis and therefore assesses which roles are present or absent in a person’s repertoire. A role trainer is skilled in mobilising the spontaneity of the group and the individual to produce new responses. New responses become the basis of new roles. Role training, when skilfully done, assists in providing new behavioural options as well as a new experience of self.

A psychodramatist is a director who is concerned with group and individual psychotherapy, group process, and individual personality change. The emphasis is on personal development and thus there is a focus on developing adequate purposes and goals for living. An assessment is made with the client of their functioning and work in action is done to heal and repair their way of being in the world and so bring about more adequate responses to themselves and to others.

Auckland Training Centre for Psychodrama.

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