Soul & body – psyche and world

Psychology can leads to a realisation where the psyche is not “inner” as we thought it was. As we shed that view of the soul as an inner thing at the same time we ensoul the world. Just as I was reflecting on this I came across this:

American Society for Cybernetics – Home Visual

This image of two beings, one biological, one mythical, is based on the notion of recursion, and like the mediaeval ourubori, it refers to two domains. However, this new double ouruborus does not place an underworld below an upper one, but rather puts the domain of the biological, the bodyhood of living, in a continuous mutually modulating recursion with the domain of cognition, the virtual world of human imagination. Or if one likes, it is the harmonious relationship between art and science. Or between a generative process and the arising phenomena.

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