walking a mile in another's moccasins

There was surprisingly little in a search on Google with the phrase. The power
of role role reversal as Moreno developed it is close to the
idea of "walking a mile in another's moccasins".
It is crucial to be able to be fully human and yet it remains an
obscure idea. I found one good reference to the idea:


I reproduce the item here, which I hope is ok.

Psychodrama, invented 80 years ago by Jacob Levy
, is "the encounter in role

"A meeting of two: eye to eye, face to face. And when
you are near I will tear your eyes out and place them instead
of mine, and you will tear my eyes out and will place them
instead of yours then I will look at you with your eyes ..
and you will look at me with mine."

A creative way "to find the truth through acting",
to revive or anticipate imagined or real events: "the
second time is the setting free of the first time". (By
Dr. J. L. Moreno). Supported by the group and a leader you
can learn to know your-self and others better, building up a
new network of engaged people from all professions and to
experiment with different possibilities of new role models.
This can lead to new inspiration and personal insight.
Through the act of experiencing new roles and perspectives
through the role changes in the public space of a group,
personal concerns, deeply burried fears, traumas, wishes and
dreams can be expressed, reflected and seen in a different
light through the creative act of dramatisation. Your self
concept about yourself will be widend and a new insight of
your personal capacities, ressources and strengths is

you are welcome to read more on psychodrama:
history and theory


Jacob Levy Moreno, 1889-1978, born in rumany, was physician
in vienna and directed an improvisation theatre evolving it
to a combination with paedagogy and group-psychotherapy.

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