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Scott London’s Interviews
Ages ago I posted about to this interview with James Hillman. There are many more delights where that came from. Scott London has interviewed some great people, Howard Rheingold, Connie Swieg… and there are also links to audio, streaming only unfortunatly. So what is all this? Strange how we see just a fragment on the net. All became clear when I clicked Home and discovered it is a PBA radio program:

The radio series Insight & Outlook ceased production in 1999 after almost five years on the American airwaves. Hosted by Scott London, the weekly cultural affairs program offered a trenchant look at the ideas and trends shaping our future. It also spotlighted provocative social thinkers and visionaries — men and women charting new directions in science, education, technology, health, psychology and other fields.

The program featured some of the most outstanding minds of our time — people like James Hillman, Neil Postman, Marion Woodman,Robert Thurman, Vandana Shiva, Huston Smith, Riane Eisler, Robert Coles, Sam Keen, and Warren Bennis.

Insight & Outlook has been called “one of the most refreshing interview programs available on public radio” and “a thought-provoking and enlightening contribution to the airwaves.” “More than any other single source of information,” one critic observed, Insight and Outlook “defines a certain humanistic slice of our intellectual zeitgeist, and most probably, the zeitgeist of the coming decade.”

Insight & Outlook aired on National Public Radio stations across the United States and on Radio For Peace International. The series was produced at KCBX in San Luis Obispo, California.

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