Monday, blow by blow account.

This is the day Kate and I have planned to be together in out hectic lives… a sabath, a sacred day but it was not like that!

I slept in till not too late – but Kate had started on the sacred practice without me (house cleaning). I came to in the bath… managed to get up & dressed. Replied to a few emails. Bought the paper at the garage across the road, had coffee and musli.

Major catastrophy with the Horse treks, nothing worked – phone calls came here and trek guides did not stick to their roster & kate had to go to work!

I did my share of the sacred practices (vacuuming & dishwasher etc) and then did some of my finances and went off to my hearing aid appointment and picked up these new Widex Diva Elan aids…


So far they seem OK.

Then got a hair cut, went to the expensive place as the last cheap place did a lousy job! This one seems ok.


Then had a nice night with Simon & Sara, sushi at their place. And yes we manages to do our dialogue event there… it went ok, Kate and I sorted out a few things too, later driving home.

Now, here, late at night on the inkernet.

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  1. Hi,

    I tried them out for a few weeks, and had some difficulties with them. One stopped working – but they replaced it, that was ok. But I was getting some strange beeps & things.

    I also did not like the behind-the-ear fitting. It felt like it could come off in sporting activity, just when I needed them for safety. Also the usual way of getting a bit more clarity of cupping my hand behind my ear did not work. Their lightness and minimal way of fitting into your ear is not as comfortable as it first looks, as the plastic ring to hold it there is abrasive.

    So I had my audiologist make up in-the-ear ones, and I now have Widex sd-cic, they have been great, best I have had to date.

    Hope that helps.

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