More Christchurch grafitti

On a light at ground level that illuminates a statue. I have seen the same image in several places.

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Hey mate! I was just lookin around and found ur picture.. ‘I know that one.. but wherefrom?’
Yes, Christchurch! thats right 😀 Funny to find something like this.. Coz i was there only on holidays, now Im back in the Netherlands 🙂

Yeah.. just had do submit a comment ^^


I have seen this image before, too. It took a minute to figure out why it was so familiar.

I actually saw it in Munich in 2004, just outside of Marienplatz.
I remember the moment because it just grabbed me and i stood about 2 feet in front of it staring for several minutes, just drinking it in. It was in plainview about eyelevel on the side of a pale concrete building.

I may never have remembered that moment if it wasn’t for this photo, so thank you!


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