Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice

Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice

The current spate of attacks on Iraqis remind me of stories my parents told me about reprisals taken by the German occupiers in Holland. If the Dutch resistance shot a Nazi then all the people in that city block would be killed. It pained me to see this same method enacted in the Polenski film which I saw before the march occupation of Iraq last year. It seems futile to resist if hundreds of civilians die. Two hundred and eighty were killed in reprisal bombings of neighbourhoods for the four US mercenaries that were killed last week.

Yet in Iraq there may be a new mood, the various factions are uniting against the occupation. Perhaps it has been building for a while, but it is now being reported in the local Press. The reprisals were met – thirty US troops were killed and hostages have been taken.

I have liked to the Psychoanalysts for Peace site, and I am all for peace – but I find myself pleased that the Iraqis are uniting & fighting back, I am on their side, their country has been occupied and the US must get out. I hope they win soon, and that the world opposition to the US mounts rapidly. There will be no peace without a defeat of US imperialism.

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