Dave Winer

I have been listening to Dave Winer on my walk to work and home today. Here is his blog, and link to podcasts. Scripting News I like him, he is a friend (as he puts it to his listeners). Boy, can he say nasty stuff about people though, and companies. I can see his point usually, but he must be good at making enemies! I also like his openness and reality, is an example of what he advocates, true voice, in it for the love of it, for connection. He has a great heart.

My own podcasting fell foul of having too much trouble with the tech, and then with the cost of it on my website, and mostly no time to solve all those hassles. But I want to do it again and Dave W is a role model for me. The other day one of his files appeared on my MP3 player… just him singing a song, a warm and friendly song. Now that was sweet, thanks Dave.

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