Jobs announces iTunes will accommodate podcasts

Jobs announces iTunes will accommodate podcasts:

The new version of iTunes will let users of Apple’s music management program and integrated online music store find and download podcasts, which are homemade radio-style shows that have become a grassroots phenomenon on the Internet.

Probably a Good Thing, I don’t really quite get this. With FeedDemon I have excellent integration with Itunes. Would iTunes try to take that over? They could even mess it up. It is not so much iTunes that is the problem but the iPod that is the problem for podcasting

  • not being able to delete files
  • having half listened to files – still showing up as New
  • not being able to see the full name of the podcast till you play it
  • and not having an aphabetical access

And worst of all the recording function being crippled. A really good feature would be to be able to save clips to post into your own podcasts.

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