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I have been full up in my practice for a long time. A lot of f2f clients, a lot of clients online and also some personal commitments. The latter two have eased off and I can now take on some more clients. I have taken the “full up” notice of my website and it will be interesting to see how long it takes before it is back up!

I love doing psychotherapy online. I know that it has a potential for depth and healing. I don’t think it is useful to compare it to f2f work. I have had some clients who prefer it, others who do both, and some who have come because of geographical isolation or for financial reasons ($NZ is more affordable than $US). I know it works and I love doing it, but it does not replace my f2f work. I can only do about a quarter of my case load online. I need time away from the computer, and spend a lot of time there already!

The other thing I love about doing psychotherapy online is that it is an exploration of the psyche. How does medium affect the work? I have learnt a lot about that over the years and I have some surprising insights. They surprised me.


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  1. an exploration of the psyche.. i’d agree with this, if only because a computer based psychotherapy probably cuts down on inhibition.. it’s easier to say things typing than speaking face to face.. at least this is my personal experience

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