The Horse Whisperer Podcast

Hi Kate, Josh, Amy & Bex, Brian, Dan, Barry, Bona, all in the Trek
Guide Group! Edward, Vicky, Ali, Readers of Walter’s Blog, and Psyber-L

We have done it: Have a look at the link below and download the mp3.
I am now looking at how I can get this into an opml enclosure and
syndicate it with xml and rss – any ideas?

We will be making one of these – better quality, as we learn how –
every Monday.

We will ALSO make a Psybernet one, every Monday, So look out for that.

The Kate’s News blog:

Or for future ref, the permanent link:

Please leave comments and email us – send audio clips, we will play
them on the show.

The web is now gone talkie.



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