Web Evolution

I have been listening to dozens of IT conversations and other podcasts …

I want to post about them all, but there is an overriding theme coming through:

We are on a new wave of Net development – there is a lot of movement and a big wave about to break.

The Net is the Computer (that is an old idea but the implcations have just begun)

Smart Dust – the millions of users make a quatitative difference – esp as the data is all interwoven and even the processes of use (without the content) provide … light up the images of the noosphere as they are mapped by such things as delicious (add your own dots) Bloglines technorati & flikr (no need for links just search on them).

The Net is multiplying – almost like a cell division into two new halves of one new whole. The division is from the desktop to the mobile pods – phones, cameras all sorts of connected devices – it does not really matter if that connection is a hot sync or a wifi or a phone link… we move around while we are in cyberspace. Our bodies will have rrs…

Audio has a new role in cyberspace – thanks to broadband and phones and mp3 players etc.

Images do too but they have been there for a while – but will also come alive in a new way.

Atoms shrinking relative to the sexiness of bits.

So… in front of our eyes quantity is tansforming into new quality.

What should we call it … this eruption? This transformation that is so evident in 2005 – I bet it gets a label soon …

What are the ‘eras’?

dot.com is one.

The second bubble? Crossing the chasm?

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