www Collective Unconscious

What to know about technology:

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychotherapy, had a student named Carl Jung. Jung believed we share a cultural consciousness, a just-below-the-surface sense of how we all fit together.

As it turns out, Jung was just a bit ahead of his time. We do now, indeed, share a just-below-the-surface consciousness. We call it the World Wide Web.

Dr. Benjamin Garber in this rather journalistic item on parenting has summed up (in the quote from the item) the essence of what tend to think about the www & the Collective Unconscious. It is an idea that I’d elaborate into a book… if I had the time 🙂 The rest of the article goes against the grain… my somewhat contrary wise parenting message would be “Always get the best Information Technology you can afford, and use it to the max.”

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