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This is the ABOUT page from maybe 15 years ago. I’m thinking of updating it substantially – so posting it here – Saturday, 27 January, 2018 but back dated to 2008


In the Psyberspace blog my interest in psyche interacts with my interest in cyberspace. Here I reflect about the nature and development of psychotherapy, Psychodrama, and particularly psychotherapy online, the psychological nature of cyberspace, interaction online and many only obscurely related items.


The category Psyber is the main one for this blog.


I write personal notes. Life story. I add them to the Journal category. While there is a central “psyber” theme to this blog, it is also my MAIN blog.

Whatever else I do I will keep tabs and tags on it here in psyberspace.

Other favourite categories

World – Occasionally I am moved to get political!



Tech – anything geeky that is not particularly psychological.

Psyche – anything psychological that is not particularly cyber related


My exploration of psyberspace took graphical turn in 2006-7 and I did a Thousand Sketches, a project I completed in one year. I now blog my art work at http://walterlogeman.com/art I show case my art work in an online Gallery.

I have been writing about psyberspace for years, and also about Psychodrama and other things. Storage online  has got a bit messy over the years but I am working on making the Writing page on this blog the clearing house for all that I have online.

More about me here.

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