Dame Edna – Barry Humphries – Art Online

This is innovative!

Barry Humphries will go head to head with his alter ego, Dame Edna Everage, tomorrow in a public battle for artistic appreciation. The 73-year-old Australian star, who is recovering from peritonitis that almost killed him earlier this month, has decided to go ahead with the launch of his innovative online art gallery. Humphries has painted seriously since his teens and has agreed to be at the centre of a new art project that will allow internet users not just to download his work for free, but to alter it.

Free paintings and the right to alter them. I wonder if you can also sell them on!

I am interested as my own copyright is loose, but more restricted.

There is one difference, he has the original, in the case of my digitals you can access the actual original. (ask me for the URL)

I am looking forward to seeing these, when I find them I will make another post.

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