Acrylic – Forgotten


I have completed my first painting in acrylics. There are pleny of
half finished or failed ones lying about but this one I’ll consider
done. It is the first of a series.

It is on gessoed canvas, unframed, the image is 600 x 600 mm
just under 24 inches square.

It has taken a while to get to this point. I have tried a few oils,
some and line & washes – but this one is the first result – that is
not digital.

Digital is clean & quick. Just how quick comes home when I need
to re-arrange the office into a studio. Paints, water, table floor
coverings, easle. Surfaces to prepare and techniques to try out.
And the waiting for things to dry. The cleaning up.

On Sunday (13 April) I was productive. I had about four Earth
Crosses in acrylic on the go. I also prepared some more canvas &
a board. Paintings come on and off the easel as I add something &
then wait for it to dry.

It is based on an earth cross from a few weeks back, see it here.

The photography is patchy but it gives the idea,


Larger Image.

Detail 2
Larger Image.

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