Artist Don Peebles dies

Don Peebles – ARTIS Gallery – Artists:

Don Peebles is one of New Zealand’s most senior artists. He began his training at the Wellington Technical College of Art in 1947, he then moved to Australia and studied under John Passmore, a leading Australian painter at the time, at the Julian Ashton School of Arts in Sydney.

Audio from RNZ:

Artist Don Peebles dies – National – NZ Herald News:

One of the pioneers of New Zealand abstract painting, artist Don Peebles, ONZM, has died at the age of 88.

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New Image art

Reading Dick Frizzell and learning about “new Image”, 1978 Whitney moment. Easy to see the influence in various places, do I see it in Bill Hammond?

I can see some of that in my work occasionally, but mostly that I am NOT “New Image” even though I like comics and stories and “rough expressionism”. I am too interested in shape, colour and texture.

There is is something. A realisation about what I do, well, don’t do. Most of the time I just have no idea. Thinking again about the comments from Peter McLeavey on my work (see here) that I need to find who I am etc… I am many things! PolyPsycho digital printmaker.

Description & images by Frizzell’s hero HC Westerman appear below.

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Hybrid Leaves

I made some acrylics. Here is one where I liked something in the image. This one is a WIP 8 x 8 inches on board. The photo above is probably slightly more contrasty than the original. The next one, I worked on the digital image, not with filters but by adding brush strokes in ArtRage 2.5 A prelude to fiddling with the original?


I worked today on a painting I began in January this year, and vitalised it a bit. Wondering where to go with it now.

A photo plus two options follow.


Earth Cross II b

Earth Cross II b

This one has never had a proper post. It is in the Gallery and I have posted it with a border but I wanted to locate it and had trouble (the one with the border has a different name). So here it is, “Earth Cross II b” sketched on 17 December ’07

This is the one I used as a reference for an Acrylic, though it looks quite different. (posted below).

Earth Cross II – Acrylic on canvas – 600 x 600 mm

Painting day – a question about acrylic technique.

I worked hard today painting in acrylics. Not much to show for it, nothing to post here in real media, (still waiting for my camera, it arrived from Hong Kong but its at the airport till Monday, but there is nothing to photograph anyway.) I was trying to translate a #0736 Trees from the Thousand Sketches and it was hard. This sort of digital to physical is a challenge.

One thing I did, in a moment of frustration with real paint, was a new digital. It just flew out. It is like the one I was using for a reference, with a subtly different feel.

Larger Image.

It is now obvious why I found it hard. The mottled effect is done digitally by setting the paper to very rough on those layers. The light spots are pits in the “paper”. Maybe I need to forget about being too true to my digital version & go with the medium? Or maybe persist?

How would you do this in acrylic?

Acrylic – Forgotten


I have completed my first painting in acrylics. There are pleny of
half finished or failed ones lying about but this one I’ll consider
done. It is the first of a series.

It is on gessoed canvas, unframed, the image is 600 x 600 mm
just under 24 inches square.

It has taken a while to get to this point. I have tried a few oils,
some and line & washes – but this one is the first result – that is
not digital.

Digital is clean & quick. Just how quick comes home when I need
to re-arrange the office into a studio. Paints, water, table floor
coverings, easle. Surfaces to prepare and techniques to try out.
And the waiting for things to dry. The cleaning up.

On Sunday (13 April) I was productive. I had about four Earth
Crosses in acrylic on the go. I also prepared some more canvas &
a board. Paintings come on and off the easel as I add something &
then wait for it to dry.

It is based on an earth cross from a few weeks back, see it here.

The photography is patchy but it gives the idea,


Larger Image.

Detail 2
Larger Image.