Ian Boyden – Artist

More on the calligraphy theme…


Ian Boyden’s fascination with materials, industrial processes, text and the calligraphic line led him to China where he studied history and the practice of Chinese calligraphy, painting and bookmaking with masters of those arts. He worked for Walla Walla Foundry where he learned to cast, weld and chase bronze, and in Portland with Kathy Kuehn at Salient Seedling Press to learn letterpress printing and a variety of bindings. He founded Crab Quill Press to produce limited-edition, fine press artist books and in 1998, moved the Press to Walla Walla where he also works as the director of the Sheehan Art Gallery at Whitman College.

Davidson Gallery Exhibit

Foundry Gallery Exhibit

Crab Quill Press

Augen – Ian Boyden
Good selection (Most are in the other linked sites too.)

Intaglio Printmaking – Wikipedia

Beautiful books! Images follow. You can only see them if you see the post rather than a whole list of posts. I only show my own in that way.

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