I am searching for my (art) style. The Thousand Sketches was like a satellite view, a grand sweep of who I might be, a way of sorting land from sea.

I am searching by engaging in smaller projects. I can see where 5 years at university would come in handy though, this is hard work, time is only half of it. I have half a dozen scrappy projects on the go and need to wallow, play, explore, focus and get inspiration and tuition and critique on them all!

May be I need a better warm up. Yes I do.

How to engage the muse?

Maybe that is the title of the paper I am writing for the ANZPA Journal.

Maybe with that question in mind I might make sense of the following projects…

Where I am up to

Earth Crosses
in prints and also paint

A plan to produce a series of about 10 digital line & wash prints

Bush & plants
Like above, A plan to produce a series of about 10 digital somewhat abstract plant series
prints and have begun one in acrylic paint

I am aware I am drawn to the square format… the landscapes? Perhaps those prints need to be in three adjoining prints?

Presentation is on my mind, and I have just ordered 10 frames to work on a show of some sort.

Just as I want to focus on the above – and that is a lot of work! What happens: new styles emerge.

Let me post some in the posts ahead. Or would that be procrastinating?