Pseudopanax arboreus

To continue from the previous post, here is one that is not in a new style, but it led to one that is, I’ll put that in the next post. (I like to see one image per post.) This one conforms to my Bush project, except it is not quite right, maybe another go?

This is a five finger, a fairly ubiquitous native. Even in the darkness of the bush those leaves can shine pure white reflecting the light. Little curly bits of white… ah, I need to give it another go.

Larger Image.

Here is quote from Wikipedia

Pseudopanax arboreus or Five Finger (Māori: ‘Puahou’ or ‘Whauwhaupaku’), is a New Zealand native tree belonging to the family Araliaceae. It is one of New Zealand’s more common native trees, being found widely in bush, scrub and gardens throughout both islands.

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