Landscapes at The Daily Grind / The Vault

The show is on. All week Landscape Portraits have been on the walls at the café in the design store. On Tuesday lunchtime we celebrated the “opening ” with a bunch of friends.

I’ll put more photos up soon.

Here is the wording in that card on the wall.

Landscape Portraits
Prints by Walter Logeman
The Vault

About the prints.

My images are produced digitally using software on a Tablet PC. The images have a life on the Internet, each one has a place on my website where its story is told and people can comment. The prints are made with pigment ink on Hahnemühle Paper in limited editions of 25, they are UV protected. The words I use to describe my print making: Born digital, made physical.

At the end of 2007 I completed a project to do a Thousand Sketches in a year. Some of the prints here have their origin in that project, (they have a number as part of the title).

I selected the landscapes for this series with three criteria in mind. First, they are all New Zealand places I know and love. They present the personality of the land as I understand it, and thirdly, they are all square! The format of a print is of interest to me and the square is the simplest form. This selection views the land through the square, so unlike the shape of our ubiquitous screens.

They are printed on 483 mm by 229 mm paper in “portrait” mode, portraits of the land, hence “Landscape Portraits”.

Walter Logeman

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