I worked today on a painting I began in January this year, and vitalised it a bit. Wondering where to go with it now.

A photo plus two options follow.






  1. Jan Avatar

    I’m loving your new blog so I’ve awarded you as a brilliant blogger. Check my blog to see what happens next.

  2. Walter Avatar

    Thanks Jan! I have been following your work too and most impressed. Great to see your posts on Eric’s blog too.

    Love your printing adventures! Overprints, hand press, great stuff. Do you do digital printing at all?

    I will do the Brilliant tag thing too. Watch my blog!

  3. Jan Avatar

    Digital prints… no not really. I dabble about a decade ago and now I don’t have a printer I’d be happy to use. But I do have a wacom tablet now, so I guess a good printer is next.

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